Photo by Evangeline Lane

Alice Ann

Co-founder & champagne enthusiast

Alice Ann is the bohemian, cool and collected, detail-oriented half of this pair. Her new relocation to Los Angeles has her master's in Spanish coming in handy. Her confidence and coordination expertise shine a fantastic light on all events. From the very first meeting, she can conceptualize and fashion a unique mood board for any event. You can spot her long, dark hair anywhere, usually at the corner vintage shop or the latest estate sale in town.



Co-founder & glitter connoisseur

Caroline is a vivacious, chic, mile-a-minute chattering, creative force. With a background in marketing and management, she keeps Darling on task and organized. This east coast girl has an eye for style and design that precedes her skill for perfection when it comes to business and clients.  She is our craft extraordinaire and perfectionist due to a slight Pinterest and blog obsession, but who doesn't love a good DIY?!?

Photo by Virginia Ashley Photography

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